Our Top 3 DJ Controllers

We've narrowed down our wide range of DJ Controllers to our favourite three:

  • Numark Mixtrack Platinum
  • Denon MCX8000
  • and American Audio VMS5.

Here's why:

Numark Mixtrack Platinum - £239

The Mixtrack Platinum DJ controller offers a host of great features, including a built-in custom LCD display screen in each 5” capacitive jog wheel, 4-channel mixing capabilities, Filter and gain controllers for each channel, Effects, and 24-bit audio output.

The custom 1.75” displays offer a colourful hi-resolution display enabling you to monitor information on bpm, platter position, time remaining, key lock, pitch adjustment, and keylock. You can also switch between four decks and control which deck is active while creating a platinum mix.

The Mixtrack Platinum provides a 4-deck layering advantage, and you can create a full digital mixtape or perform a Platinum mix. The new deck select function enables you to switch to the desired layering deck, giving you limitless possibilities to mix in loops, a capella’s, and blend in songs seamlessly.

Add loops, launch samples, and control hot cues to your performance via the 16 multi-function performance pads. Dedicated filter knobs for each channel provide the exact amount of tonal control for that perfect sound, and 100mm pitch sliders make it easy to perform the finest pitch adjustments. There are no limits on your creativity.

Lastly, Mixtrack Platinum advanced low-profile rugged metal platters provide precise control over every track and every transition. Utilising exclusive Numark technology, they are capacitive and dual-zone, giving you the ability to scratch or stop a track simply by touching the top of the platter, while at the same time allowing you to adjust the pitch by manipulating the platter from the side.

Ryan, a member of our team, recently used the Numark Mixtrack Platinum for a five hour live gig, describing it as "one of the best controllers" he has ever used, providing "all the features a DJ could ever want". Upon using the controller Ryan was particularly impressed with the bright and sizeable screens within the turntable as well as the flashing buttons. Ryan added "the controller performed very well without lagging or glitching. The time countdown on the display was very useful, meaning I could just look on the controller to see the time remaining for each track. I also found the 3rd and 4th channels to be very useful as this allowed me to prepare more songs at once."


Denon MCX8000 - 1,049

The Denon MCX8000 is the latest edition to Denon’s range of world renowned DJ controllers. Packed with innovative new features and functionality the MCX8000 provides comprehensive control like never before whilst the paired Engine Software allows built-in playback to counter act any laptop failures during a live performance.

The Denon MCX8000’s standalone functionality makes it one of the most unique controllers on the market, meaning you do not need a computer to use the controller. The dual high-definition displays are designed to control Denon’s standalone Engine 1/5 software with Derato DJ operation.

The rugged metal construction makes the MCX8000 ideal for prolonged live use, easily withstanding the rigors of extensive transportation as well as scratches and bumps. The performance pads for cues, samples, rolls and the slicer are velocity sensitive for added performance value, giving you the ability to bring added dynamics to your set.

The MCX8000 also features 24-bit pristine sound, ensuring exceptional audio quality across the board. It also features XLR outputs, allowing you to connect the Denon MCX8000 to a range of outboard gear including PA systems and speakers.



American Audio VMS5 £329

The American Audio VMS5 is a four-channel DJ controller for virtual DJ. Designed for the performance minded DJ, the VMS5 is one of the most comprehensive DJ controllers created, providing a solid, reliable, all-in-one MIDI controller for software as well as the option of using the unit as a standalone mixer.

The VMS5 also has a user-configurable sound card for two deck DVS mode or four-deck mode. The standalone mixer has four line inputs, two phono inputs and two microphone inputs, in addition to four USB/analogue selectable Midilog (Midi and Analogue) channels with gain, treble, mid, bass EQ on all channels.

The controller features Inno Fader compatibility as well as curve control, assign and reverse feature. The VMS5 also provides XLR Master Output with balance and booth output, coupled with American Audios DSP D-core with studio quality sound engineering and pro stage microphone circuitry to deliver the best sound quality possible.

Lastly, the VMS5 has thirty-four assignable rotary controls with four assignable rotary encoders along with fifty LED illuminated MIDI buttons including eighteen with dual blue and red LEDs! American Audio has added dual 2000 point touch sensitive scratch controls to make this controller accessible to any DJ and any style of DJing.