EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | VE Disco

Name: Adam Sorrell
Company: VE Discos
Date of Hire: 28th July



So on Saturday the 28th July 2018 I had the pleasure of testing out the EVOLVE 50 speakers at a wedding at Top Farm in Marsham which was situated in the barn which had a soundproof cocoon to set up in and to be honest I was surprised by them they were so easy to set up which only took about 40 seconds to set up just take covers off and pop the magnetic pole in the sub and pop the tops on and bang it was set up, no messing about with leads from the subs to the tops which saved time on cable tidying.

The sound that came out was nice and crisp clear from the tops with a nice amount of lows coming from the subs which were good enough to cope with 100 people.

I was worried at 1st with having just the magnetic connection going from the subs to the tops as thought 1 slight movement and would lose signal but no they worked perfectly fine all throughout the night, the power was good enough for 100 people but not sure if it would cope with more but had loads of compliments from the owners of the site for which I directed them to Simply Sound and Lighting if they wanted to purchase a pair as they said they are exactly what they are looking for an install for their functions.

Size and weight are great the subs are nice and light and compact and the tops and poles have no weight to them.

The Bluetooth function is excellent and comes in handy if playout system crashes and need a quick song to be played which can be linked by an android phone (or apple).

The display on the back was nice to clear and simple with plenty of connections on the back if they were needed or if you wanted to link multiple systems together.