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  • EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | Imagine Disco

    Name: Wayne Braybrook
    Company: Imagine Disco
    Date of Hire: 6th August


    My Evolve 50 Roadtest

    Firstly - thanks to Simply Sound & Lighting for allowing me ...

  • EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | DJ Sebina Turner

    Name: Sebina Turner
    Company: DJ Sebina Turner
    Date of Hire: 3rd August

    All DJ's and DJ equipment (speaker) geeks.....

    Over the weekend I was given the opportunity to fully...

  • EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | Andy Howe

    Yet another review has come in from one of our customers using the EVOLVE50 System from EV. Thanks to Andy Howe from Epic Event Hire for the honesty!

    Name: Andy Howe
    Company: Epic Event Hire

  • EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | DJ Vulch

    Another review is in for the #EVTESTWIN offer and what a belter it is!

    Many thanks go out to DJ Vulch for the words.

    Name: DJ Vulch (Adam Sorrell)
    Company: VE Discos
    Date of Hi...


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