Humpter Roadtest | Humpter PRO Console | Andy Howe

Name: Andy Howe
Company: Epic Event Hire
Date of Hire: 15th December

So I get the chance to test out the Humpter booth from Simply Sounds. Went to pick it up from Ollie Potter at shop and was given a quick demo how to take it to bits. Bagged it all up and away I go to Norwich.

In the words of Top Gear “how hard can it be?” well it takes longer to get it out of the bags than to build it all up. Literally 5 minutes to build it up, solid in construction and looks the part.

Those are the plus points but here’s the negatives in my eyes. There is definitely a need to have a kick plate on bottom of the frontage, the gap is more than enough to see anything underneath it.

The other thing I would do is make a hole in the desktop to put your cables through, wasn’t until I put it together that I found you can’t put a mains plug through the gap at the back of booth.

Onto the gig itself it survived a drunk person falling into it and didn’t move, the only other negative is people will still lean over it to try and speak to you. All in all a well-made booth but I don’t think it’s suited for weddings unless you can light it or install a TV screen in the front.

#testhumpter @SimplySoundandLighting @HumpterUK