Name: Dan Ellis
Company: Epic Event Hire
Date of Hire: 17th December

Over the festive season, I was offered the opportunity to test the new Humpter UK Pro DJ Console from the guys at Simply Sound and Lighting. Being one for trying out new toys, I thought I would give it a try.

The venue was a hotel venue, and the console was used over a couple of events. One is a public Christmas event, and the other, a martial arts awards evening. There were several children at this event between the ages of 6-18.

First impressions of the booth are slick and stylish. The gloss black front contrasts nicely against the chunky Matt black framework. The front of the console is quite low, allowing the audience to see a bit more of what is going on behind the booth with the DJ controller/CDJs on display. The built-in laptop stand that was included was a nice touch too. I usually use the shelf included on my flight case but decided to opt for the stand. I have to say, it was solid, easy to adjust and I really liked it. Again, this looked really nice from the front of the console.

I believe there are optional podium shelves available that you can mount light fixtures on to at the front of the booth. Had they have been included, I would have tried them. My only concern would be the height. With a full dance floor in front of you, the light from the average moving head would have been lost in the crowd. I had an issue with cable management underneath the console too. The gap at the bottom from the front means cables etc are on display. I did manage to tactfully use one of the included carry bags folded underneath to hide them. I believe there may also be an option for an additional panel to cover.

Build quality:
I was a bit worried when I started to put the booth together that it may be too light or a bit unsteady. However, my concerns were quickly squashed. Once everything was in its place, it was as solid as a rock and the adjustable feet are great. I had the odd child clinging on to the front of the console and the usual adults leaning in for requests too. It stood solid and didn’t budge. The cup holder and headphone clip are both nice touches too.

Set up:
The console comes in flight bags. Although the quality of these bags is far superior to all of the booth bags I’ve had in the past, I’m still not sure they would stand the test of time. These bags are quite big and bulky so would inevitably suffer the odd bump and scrape being dragged in and out of venues week after week. Because every part of this booth is on display (no star cloth or scrim) then these bags really do need to hold up. Especially to protect that nice glossy front panel.
Set up took me 10 mins on the first go. (Yes I did put the top bar on upside down at first). I think this could be reduced to 5 mins once you got the hang of it. Once I was set up though, I had no choice but to carry the bags back to the van as I had nowhere to put them (aside from the one I used to hide the cables). Taking apart was similarly straightforward. However, wrestling it all back in the bags was a bit more tedious.

This is a solid, stylish looking DJ Console. I don’t think it would replace the main booth I use, but this would only be down to convenience. Many gigs have a tight turnaround and load-ins are not always that straightforward. My current Equinox booth is so quick and easy to both transport and set up.

However, we also cover residencies at venues and this would be perfect for a more semi-permanent solution. It would also be my preferred option if install and set up time wasn’t so restricted. Unfortunately, the downside to being mobile means that would equate to about 50% of bookings. I really liked the look and feel of the booth and it does lend itself to a more premium look to the average set up. Would I use it all the time? No! Would I want one? Absolutely. I have lights I don’t use all the time too. That’s what makes our setups versatile right?
Thanks to Ollie Potter at Simply Sounds for hooking this trial up for me.

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