Name: Leroy Rodriguez
Company: Level Up Leroy
Date of Hire: 4th January

First, up thank you to the good folks at Simply Sound and Lighting for letting me borrow the Humpter UK Humpter Console Pro unit.

Most of my gigs/bookings are event based however I used the Humpter for a kid’s party I had offered to play for a friend (as my event season starts in March).

First up the unit for its size packs down into four very handy bags (these have some room for additional leads too... which is a massive plus!). I was so surprised how easy and quick it was to put together, I was literally up and built within 5mins with no instructions... which is amazing for me!!!

Once built the unit is insanely sturdy and you can feel the quality and care that has gone into this design. There is a handy gap between the shelf and front screen (not customer visible) that is perfect to drop leads down (I love this as I hate unnecessary lead mess!)

The headphone holder is super convenient, but the cup holder is a stroke of pure genius... I never-ever have drinks next to my gear just in case and always resort to having my drink on the floor or miles away!!!!

I could see myself using this for my convention events and would absolutely utilise the front panel with a screen to play my videos or have customer logos across. However, this time around my flag still fit tightly and nicely over the screen. Many events often give the DJ a couple of flight cases or a table to set up on... a Humpter unit would certainly add a great deal of professionalism to their shows!

#testhumpter @SimplySoundandLighting @HumpterUK