Humpter Roadtest | Humpter PRO Console | Nick South

Name: Nick South
Company: Epic Event Hire
Date of Hire: 11th January

When I was asked if I’d like to test the Humpter I was intrigued. I’ve actually been mulling over the purchase of a new DJ Booth for some weeks. For many years I’ve based my setup on a 6 foot S and H booth, with pea light cloth. I think of all the booths available in that style I think it’s easily the best. The quality is great, it looks the business. It’s classy.

However, it has its downsides and I wanted to expand my options. I feel that to compete with other high-end wedding DJ setups I think it's important these days to have different looks to be able to compare favourably with other DJ’s vying for those lucrative bookings we all desire.

I have considered everything from Paladin to ADJ Event Table. They all have their appeal, but it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd these days.

The Humpter achieves this.

I arrived at the venue and the Humpter was already set up. It looked and felt solid, and boasted a sleek black shiny finish which was impressive. I did feel that I’d like to personalise it slightly though, and it would be easy to do so, with a large frontage crying out for some graphics. I certainly wouldn’t want to make it look tacky mind you.

In looks, it couldn’t be further from my S and H. Whereas the S and H has a static black serge star cloth, black and shiny and angular defines the Humpter. There’s the odd curve involved in the design though, and I think it is easy on the eye. Very corporate I would say, and very different to the truss booths that are now flooding the market.

The sturdiness was even more apparent once I’d set up my equipment, consisting of Denon MCX8000 controller, MacBook Pro and Shure Microphone transmitter. It all fitted on with ease, with no ugly wires visible anywhere. With all that weight on board the initially lightweight but sturdy Humpter now took on an even sturdier feel. I was beginning to like it.

The only negative I had found at this point is the gap that exists along the front at the bottom. I’m used to hiding a multitude of sins, mainly empty cases, under my S and H, but here they were on display. I neatly blocked the gap with one of the Humpter storage bags but felt this could have been avoided with a tweak of the design.

The party began and I was now really appreciating the virtues of the Humpter. Room to manoeuvre was ample, with a robust laptop stand keeping my Macbook safe too. Clever headphone storage added to the ease of use.

Most importantly though it looked slick, and was giving my setup a very professional look. My usual bugbear of people leaning on the front of the booth to ask for requests didn’t faze the Humpter at all, unlike my S and H which would collapse if treated in such a way, which happened so many times it was driving me crazy.

The final test, of course, was how easy or difficult it would be to set up or take down. I had never seen it packed down but was pleased to find that very few fastenings needed releasing before it came apart. It took so little time, and I hadn’t even done it before. Having said that, it was a tight squeeze to get the parts in the bags. Not difficult, just a bit fiddly for a first timer. The bags themselves were of decent quality and I imagine that they will last well and protect the Humpter.

Once in the bags, the Humpter was easy to stow in my MPV which serves as my disco bus. I would definitely consider one of them for my business. The quality and ease of setup impressed, and the looks? I’d like to stand out from the crowd and this is where the Humpter scores most. Everyone and their brother these days has a twinkling S and H style booth, or ADJ Event Table or clone, but this puts you one step above and allows you to stand out from the crowd, especially once you have added a custom front screen.

I want one!

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