Special FX

Simply Sound and Lighting offer an exciting variety of Special FX equipment

Whether you require Special FX for a DJ set; music gig; wedding; show, play or theatre performance; or even an art installation, you can find a fantastic range of options here. Take a look at our range of products available, and should you have any questions our team would be happy to help. We pride ourselves on our customer care, and competitive pricing, as well as high quality effects equipment that suits your needs.

Adding a variety of special FX to your live shows can really help provide a great atmosphere and ambience to your performance. High quality FX products that suit the feel of your act or display are an easily accessible way to up the production and entertainment value so that you can guarantee you’re catering to your specific audience.

As well as this, our dynamic and contemporary choice of Special FX allows you to enhance and modernise any performance or display. Bring a new energy to the table, in a simple and easy to control manner. While your choice of effects still gives your audience an exciting show, behind the scenes it’s still simple and easy to set up. Some of our available choices for FX products include equipment such as fog or smoke machines, which act as a great way to make your staging seem more mysterious and exciting, or other products such as flame lighting effects and confetti machines, which are an easy way to add a burst of colour or lighting into your show. Browse the complete range today.