EV Roadtest | EVOLVE50 | Dan Ellis

Name: Dan Ellis
Company: Epic Event Hire
Date of Hire: 30th June

When I got given the opportunity to try the EV Evolve 50 System by Simply Sound and Lighting, I was genuinely quite excited... What DJ doesn't like to play with new toys? I used the system for a wedding at a venue called Hunters Hall, which is located in Swanton Morely in Norfolk. It is an old converted a barn and there were about 120 wedding guests on the night.

The system certainly didn’t disappoint! It took up hardly any room in the van, and the whole thing was so easy to carry, I didn’t even bother putting it on the trolley.

The tops and the support poles come in 2 nice padded bags, which were both easy to carry, and offered great protection too. I do believe there are shorter poles also available, however, these don’t seem to fit in the bag, which is a bit odd, and a possible oversight on EV’s part.

As far as setting up goes, I don’t think it could be any easier. The poles simply slot into the top of the subs and are slightly tapered so they will only fit in one way. Then the tops just slot on to the top of the poles. You really can’t go wrong.

I even had a chance to test the Bluetooth feature and managed to connect to one speaker using the built-in Bluetooth. I and even downloaded the app (iPhone) to have a little play with that too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to play the Bluetooth feed through both speakers. I did try for some time but eventually gave up with no success. However, this may have been down to user error.

The menu on the back of the sub is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I like the feature that gives you the ability to save and recall pre-set configurations.

I currently use the FBT Xlites 15 and also frequently use the HK Elements system as this is installed at one of my regular venues so was keen to see how this stacked up against them. It performed better than I expected. The bass was smooth and had plenty of kick even in the lower frequencies. It filled the barn with ease and still had more to give. As far as the tops go, I was quite impressed by wide angle of sound. I have found these systems to be directional in the past, so can sound very different depending on where you are in the venue. However, I found these to be quite consistent no matter where you stood, even right at the back of the barn!

This is a great system and although it is slightly more than I would like to pay for a system like this, I do still think it is worth the money.

Would I want one? Absolutely!!